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(888) 376-2168
(888) 376-2168


Serving Small & Mid Sized Companies
with Rail Shipping Needs.
With over 80 years combined experience, Cti Freight Systems is an Asset-Based, 3rd Party Logistics Company that specializes in the Railroad Sector.
Do you need railway carriers that will hold your cargo for the long haul?
Our cars can be used anywhere in North America, and if you are overseas, we ship them to you as quickly as possible. Anything that can be poured into our carriers is sure to stand up against long-distance travel.


These are good for hauling paper or food products. Anything you want to keep dry for the trip will stay fresh here.
Flat cars
Use these to haul lumber products, building materials, pipe, or anything that can withstand any type of weather and elements.
Covered Hoppers
These are ideal for carrying industrial materials such as sugar, salt, sand, minerals, sawdust, hot ash, fly ash, fertilizer, and roofing granules.
Open Top Hoppers
These allow for quick and easy loading of coke, stone, gravel, and crushed rock.


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