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Is it time for you to consider private railcars, whether to lease or own for the first time, or to add to your existing fleet?  Consider the following:
  • How important is it for you to receive all the railcars you order every time?
  • Do cars supplied ever prevent you from loading the intended material due to lower volume capacity, gross weight limit too light, dirt/debris in the car?
  • Is there any chance your customer could leave product in the car and pay you less than expected for your sale?
  • How many claims have you filed for lost material in the past year?
  • Do any of your competitors have a freight advantage over you based on their private railcar fleet?
  • Have you calculated the potential savings of using a private car based on factors that include a car that always is the right size, the rate differential, no supply shortage, and more?
  • Do you ever pay demurrage to the railroad?